Monday, May 16, 2011

10 Facts

Facts about Janelle:

10. Favorite Places to be: No particular order.
1. Waterton Lakes, Canada.. eating dill pickle chips or horseback riding
2. Dickey Lake, Montana at the "Spackman Inn" waterskiing
3. The Homestead, laying poolside getting my tan on
4. Rexburg, Idaho with all my friends...
5. Disneyland, On splash mountain
6. On some tennis court somewhere
7. Home. With my momma
8. Helga (my 96 Cadillac), listening to my ghetto music or some Blake Shelton
9. Anywhere my sisters and their adorable babies are

9 interesting/weird things about me.
1. I wish I was a cowgirl sometimes.. cowboys are great too(not the hick or redneck type)
2. I could never get sick of meeting new people, I love it.
3. I have an obsession for designer denim jeans.
4. Me and my little sister are fascinated with "Bigfoot"
5. Even though I was one of the few family members that wasn't born in Canada, I like to tell people that I'm from there
6. There's a Matheny Village in France, so I like to consider myself royalty....ha ok I don't really.
7. I hate Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Twilight. SUE ME.
8. The only sport I really love playing is Tennis
9. My lovely Grandma Walker decided to give me her '96 Cadillac. Her name is Helga, and she's the pit of everyone's's ok, at least she gets the job done with her v8 engine, leather interior, and pro-republican bumper stickers from 2004. Don't be jealous.

8 things i am going to do this summer.
1. Go to Canada and Montana! CANNOT WAIT!
2. Make money by working and coaching tennis
3. Lay out by the pool at the Homestead
4. Make new friends & hopefully date more
5. Get in shape physically and spiritually
6. Get a bike and ride like the wind
7. Read more
8. Get better at golfing, water skiing, and play more tennis.

7. things i am thinking of.
1. I get to go home in T-minus 44 minutes..
2. Summertime
3. Cute boys
4. Other work prospects
5. My neck
6. Mitch, because he just texted me

6 things i am wearing.
1. Curly hair (I actually did it today. HA)
2. Plum cardigan from BP
3. White ruffly tank top
4. Citizens of Humanity jeans
5. Gold ballet flats
6. Gold and purple earrings and my white ring

5 things that i am worried about.
1. Making enough money this summer..
2. All my friends are getting engaged! But I'm actually happy for them
3. My family and that they're all OK
4. The clock isn't moving fast enough
5. Boy situation

4 things on my floor.
1. Makeup
2. Clothes
3. Clothes
4. Clothes

3 things I want to do today.
1. Run
2. Make a new friend
3. Go shopping. Oh wait, I want to do that everyday!

2 random facts:
1. My biggest fear is throwing up
2. I have crushes on...a boy :)

1 my #1 secret:
1. The gospel is the only way to true happiness.

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  1. Cute. I love it! you had me actually laughing OUT LOUD!

  2. You are soooooooooooo adorable! You are such a yellow personality--friends, friends, and more friends keep you HAPPY! Your little dimple reminds me of what a ray of sunshine you are to me in my life!

  3. THat last comment was from your mother, LAUREL UDALL