Monday, May 2, 2011

Summer Goals

Goals are just tiny wishes until you write them down. I just moved back home for the summer and I decided this summer won't be worth anything unless I make some goals and actually accomplish them. I realized that my future is in my hands and I'm the only person who is in control of the way my life is lived. Why not push myself and live my life to the fullest?

Here they are:

1: Work every Monday through Thursday with a positive attitude. Save at least $5,000.

2: Workout 4 days a week. (A nice, golden tan wouldn't hurt either).

3: Date more. Make new friends, but expand my current friendships including family members.

4: Get in shape spiritually. Attend the temple more often.

Wish me luck!

What are you summertime goals?


  1. I love your summer goal list. You can do it. I wish you were here to be my walking companion...and we'd get nice and tan while burning calories. And you could do baptisms with the youth every weekend. Heck...why don't you just stay with me for the summer?!

  2. Way to be, Jan. You've inspired me.