Friday, August 26, 2011

Great Night

It's very refreshing to get asked out on a date.

Especially if you've been living at home for a few months where the only boys you have contact with are the socially awkward 35 year old single men who still attend the singles ward trying to pick up on 18 year old girls.

This particular boy was a cute, outgoing, and somewhat mysterious returned missionary.

I'd never met him before, but mutual friends thought we should go he called.

He came to the door, shook my parents hands, looked them in the eye and talked with them for a few minutes.

We walked out to my driveway, only to find that he brought a bullet bike instead of a vehicle...My mom was about to have a heart attack.

By some miracle, she let me get on (after much negotiating from my date ensuring her that he would never let anything happen to me) and off we went feeling the august breeze whipping at my bare arms.

He was a gentleman, holding on to me as I adjusted my helmet; helping me on and off the bike, and even complimenting me saying I was "an easy person to talk to" and admitting that he was "pleasantly surprised" when he first saw me.

We sat up on top of a peak, looking at the beautiful lights below talking about everything we love, hate, and aspire to be.

After 2 hours of great conversation, we looked at the clock and realized it was time to grab some ice cream and then head home.

We went to the ice cream place only to find that it was closed. Back on the bike.

He walked me inside, gave me a big warm hug telling me he wants to see me again... I agreed.

Even if this turns out to be nothing, I definitely had a great night and he helped me realize things I wish to someday find in my future husband. I forgot how great it feels to be able to go out and have fun. I appreciate him for taking me out.

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  1. Wow. Sounds like everything went perfectly. Call me!!