Friday, November 11, 2011


It was just one of those weeks.
It's only Tuesday and you feel like it should be Saturday... Quizzes, projects and assignments kept on stacking up higher and higher...You feel like your social life is not quite up to par...Nothing in your closet appeals... Your poor roommates think you're mad at them but you're not. It was time to go back home to Utah.
And here I am.
Sitting back at my home on a Friday night with Louisa and Mallory watching Brian Regan. This weekend was much needed. I can just feel the energy and motivation coming back. I'm ready to get back to Rexburg on Sunday and take on the world!

On another note, how great is this quote? (Kudos to Pinterest)


  1. It's good to recharge every now and then. Have fun! Love you.

  2. Janelle: So good to have you home. You are such a ray of sunshine. Louisa couldn't stop crying when she saw you and Mal hasn't jumped any higher. Love ya, MOM