Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Current Loves.

So I've been stranded up in Idaho since September and needless to say, I miss shopping...sounds very sad and shallow, but it's true. Hey, I'm a girl who loves a little retail therapy every now and then! Can you blame me? These are some of the things I just love right now:

Straw fendora hats. I think they are adorable. I want to go to Forever 21 right now and go get me some of that!

Nude colored pumps. Preferably with a platform. My mom got me some of these from TJ Maxx and I absolutely love these little guys. They elongate the leg, reduce cankles and just make you feel like a superstar. All you need is a tall guy to wear them with!

White skinny or bootcut denim jeans. These one's are Hudsons (which are usually really pricey) but I found some Lucky's at Downeast and LOVE them. They are super cute, fresh and trendy. Just be sure to pair it with the right type of blouse/accessories.

Turquoise jewelry. Oh how I am in love with anything and everything turquoise. You could throw on a plain white scoop neck or V-neck T-shirt and then put on some turquoise earrings or necklace and there you go, updated, fresh and beautifully simple outfit right there. Just be careful when choosing turquoise jewelry that it doesn't look like you got it from an Indian Tribe in the middle of Arizona. Turquoise looks great with hints of red too. OR black. But not red, black and turquoise together...please don't do that.


  1. I tried on that very pair of Hudson's. Now I'm wishing I bout them!!!

  2. love the outfit you just put together! now go put it on and take a pic for us...