Monday, March 21, 2011

It's just one of those days where I really miss my family. We've all been through so many things together, which is one of the reasons why I believe we are all so close. I have been blessed to be a part of such an amazing family with amazing parents, 4 beautiful sisters, and 1 handsome brother.

Mom: Where do I start? This woman is the reason I'm alive and the reason why I am so grateful for the church and my family. She is such a selfless, giving lady and she truly radiates the light of Christ. She's been through so much in her life and I commend her for staying true to the gospel and doing what's right for her and for her children. She is beautiful, smart, extremely talented, HILARIOUS, the life of the party, fashionable, spiritual, helpful, amazing cook, seamstress, best friend, mom and wife. I love this woman with all my heart and will for ever and ever.

Dave aka "BIG D": Wow what a guy. This man does not get HALF as much credit as he should. He is the hardest working guy I know and will be until the day he dies! I admire Dave in so many ways. I admire his passion for America, his testimony of the gospel, his sense of humor, his love of baseball and bubblegum, his strong work ethic, his ability to get over hard trials in his life and be able to move in and be a part of our family. I love this man because he came into our lives at such a hard time and made everything better. He's such a great guy. The list could go on and on about Big D.

Barbarajo aka BJ: She's the vixen and the diva of our family. BJ is our sassy, don't-mess-with-me sister and she's the reason we all have to remember to tune into our "inner BJ" when we need to stand up for ourselves. I look up to BJ in so many ways. She's our little Mexican and wife and mother to 4 beautiful children. BJ is always the first one any of us will call if we need boy advice, fashion advice, cooking advice, cleaning advice, ANY kind of advice. Not only was BJ one of the few in this family that was blessed without cankles and a missing tooth, but BJ is GORGEOUS and talented in so many ways and will always be our oldest sister that sets the bar extremely high.

Christine: She is the one that always was worried that someone would get missing, hence the reason why she was ALWAYS counting heads to make sure everyone was accounted for. Christine is the super sweet, sincere sister who will genuinely listen to you and make sure you are doing all right. She's a dentist's wife and mother of -almost- 4 children. Christine is gorgeous and can sing like an angel. I've always looked up to Christine and her strong testimony and strong foundation in the gospel. She's one amazing person!

Robert: Aww. Our only boy. Right smack in the middle of all the estrogen and drama. Rob has been through a lot, and let's just say, he knows exactly how to treat a lady! Not only can Rob treat a girl right, but he's a SUPER good dresser for a boy. Rob has always had a strong work ethic and can get the job done efficiently. He's always been really good with working with his hands and will someday be our dentist of the family (besides rock). Rob is super funny and quirky and always makes me laugh. He's extremely, and I mean extremely smart. He always brings the life of the party and has some killer dance moves. We will never forget the ninja turtle and DragonBall Z phases either. I love my brother!

Rachel: Our fashionista. She's the one you go to for fashion advice. Rachel used to be mean to me on the playground back in elementary school but I'm happy to report that she's over that. I'm so lucky to have Rachel so close to me living in Idaho Falls. It's always so nice to go over to her ADORABLE house and eat her delicious food. Did I mention she is a killer cook? Rachel is always in style, and so will her baby to be, Hadley. Her and Jordan really make me laugh. I look up to Rachel and her strong ability to work hard and to make money. She's always been the straight-A student, successful athlete, and super in-style sister. She's the one that paved the path for me and she got me out of trouble MANY times in high school. She is so dang gorgeous and really sets a high standard and makes it a tough act to follow.

Louisa: My little Lou. I will always and forever consider Louisa my little baby girl. We have been two peas in a pod since day 1 and will be for the rest of our lives. I love this girl. She's GORGEOUS, talented, makes me laugh, she's amazingly smart, very spiritual and very mature for her age. I wish when I was in 9th grade that I could have been as cool as Louisa is. She is a beautiful dancer, tennis and piano player. She presents herself with so much poise and grace and will always be our little sis. The list could go on and on of reasons why this girl is so amazing.


  1. love it! thanks jan! you are the kind, outgoing, bubbly, sister that everyone goes to when they need a good laugh or talk. You are the bestest.

  2. You are so sweet. This post made me laugh and cry. You need a little spotlight. Jan- bright, BIG, blue eyed Janelle. Always has a smile on her face. Never says anything negative about anyone. Will bend over backwards for you. Is so unintentionally hilarious! Has over one million friends. Everyone who meets Jan, likes Jan. A hard quality to possess. You are a perfect Aunt and a wonderful little sis. We love you.

  3. Jan: YOU are the amazing one! The life of the party, the one everyone wants to be around, the peace maker, the fun one, the cute dimple sister, the musical dancer, the fashion queen, the "Little Miss Attitude" yet soooooooooooo sweet to everyone. Everyone loves you so much because of your kind heart and generous compliments. The old, the young, the wise , and the small all want to be your friend. I love you forever! MOM

  4. Jan: Dave says;"Two cute dimples and one big Cadillac equal our wonderful 'Jung Janelle'"!

  5. Jan: Did I mention that not only were you student body officer, tennis captain, tennis player, water skier, golfer, high school graduation speaker, YW's class president, fashion team expert, tennis coach and teacher,pianist, honor choir member, etc... but you are just plain FABULOUS!

  6. Hahahaha. I love how mom comments three times. But Thank you Jan! You're sooo sweet. I love you.

  7. This is one of the sweetest blog postings I have ever read. Janelle, you are a peach. Love you.