Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Just A Jot

Normally I would write stuff like this down in my journal but I have lots I want to express and I feel like handwriting would take too long. So sorry if this is boring for you but I want to write.

I leave for school in one day and I am SO excited! It's so weird being back in the same position as I was last year... only last year I didn't know what to expect, who I would meet, what I would learn, etc... I have grown and learned so much in the past year it's unbelievable. I remember my last day at home, as I ate my last meal with my family members, it was bitter sweet. As the time came for us to go our separate ways, I embraced each family member with a  hug and many tears were shed. (I knew I'd start crying the second I started writing this. Que waterworks.)
It's so hard to leave my mom, Louisa, Dave and Rob. I love them all so much (as well as my other siblings, who are married). It was so hard for me last year to adjust to being away from home. I vividly remember sitting in my closet the first week of school, balling my eyes out as I called each of my family members asking them where I was and what the heck I was doing. I will never forget the phone call I made to my brother. He gave me the best advice and told me that everything would get better. I will never forget the love I felt from him as I tried so hard to choke back the tears and take into account the advice he had given me.
This whole summer I have been waiting for this week. I have been waiting to say, "I only have one week left until I'm at college again!" but now that its here, I'm feeling differently than I expected. All of a sudden I feel homesick, just like I did at the beginning of my freshman year. Words will never describe the amount of fun I've had this summer with my family. Words will also never describe the amount of generosity my mother has given me the past 4 months. She works so hard to keep everyone in our family happy and she succeeds. I love that woman with all my heart.
I will never forget the memories created this past season. I hope I get over this homesick thing soon, it's making my mascara run.

I love being a student. I love the gospel. I love my family. And I have loved being at home.


  1. You are so cute! At least you get to see Rachel almost daily! We love you and miss you so much!

  2. Janelle: You are so loved and missed! I always like how appreciative you are and you are good at expressing it! Thank you for being such a sweet and kind and thankful daughter--U R amazing! We loved having you around this summer! Love MOM

  3. Oh Jan. I miss you soooo so much. Hope you're having fun and adjusting well. Love you!