Thursday, September 29, 2011

Oh college.

Oh the joys of college. I've missed it up here.

I LOVE being able to see all the people I haven't seen for the past few months.

Call me crazy but I actually like learning...I can feel my brain developing again.

I'm starting to get into a regular workout routine with my roommates. Spinning classes every Tuesday and Thursday and we found a personal trainer for the remainder of the week.

I absolutely adore my roommates. They all have their own little quirks and personalities that makes living here so much fun.

Fall 2011, you're going to be a good one. I can feel it


  1. Hello...personal trainer?! Cool! I want to know all your secrets now!

  2. Janelle: You are such a cutie pie! It was so fun to have you here for your friend's wedding! You are such a friend to so many! We are glad that you are enjoying college so much! We sure do miss you pal.Love MOM PS YOu need to put my fashion blog on your contacts